Give Joy Garden's arrangements feature fresh, locally grown, seasonal, specialty cut flowers. Multiple price points available. Minimum order-$50.


48 hours notice needed to fufill order (usually) and based on availability. Limited delivery area and delivery days. Please call at 402-490-2965 or email or message me through Facebook, Instagram, or this website to work out the details. :)

Custom Arrangement

  • Keep flowers OUT of heat or direct sunlight. Keep in mind they are perishable so the longer out of water the shorter their vase life.


    When you bring them home,
    -Trim stems with sharp scissors (about an inch or so).
    -Add plant food to water.
    -Keep stems in water (These flowers are FRESH and THIRSTY-keep an eye on water levels at least daily!)
    -Keep water clean and free from leaves and debris, changing water as needed.