Each week the bouquet will be fresh and gorgeous, featuring the BEST of the seasonal blooms.


With each monthly subscription, Give Joy Gardens will donate a bouquet to a local non-profit or community helper in your honor. Some examples are the Council Bluffs Library, local nursing homes, police and fire stations, and homeless shelters. If you would like your non-profit or community helper considered for donation, please contact me at givejoygardens@gmail.com.


Subscriptions will be available for pick up at Council Bluffs Farmers Market on Thursdays from 4:30-7:30pm.

Bouquets will be wrapped and ready to place in a vase when you get home.

Gift certificates are available.


NOTE: In case of crop failure a pro-rated refund or partial subscription for the following session or season will be given.

If for some reason you are not able to pick up your subscription for the week you may send someone else in your place otherwise the bouquet will be donated.

Sorry specific colors or flower choices are not available.

Session #2
August 5th

August 12th

August 19th

August 26th

Bouquet Subscription Session #2 (August)

  • Keep flowers OUT of heat or direct sunlight. Keep in mind they are perishable so the longer out of water the shorter their vase life.

    When you bring them home,

    -Trim stems with sharp scissors (about an inch or so).

    -Add plant food to water.

    -Keep stems in water (These flowers are FRESH and THIRSTY-keep an eye on water levels at least daily!)

    -Keep water clean and free from leaves and debris, changing water as needed.