Mother's Day Bouquet Subscriptions

Right now it's a kind of "hurry up and wait" time in my flower farming year. Hurry up and start all the plants but wait to put them outside. With that comes lots of shuffling flowers here and there and if you have seen my social media posts--you have seen my makeshift covers for the plants and my seedlings overtaking my family's living space. Hurry up and order all you supplies you need and wait for them to arrive. Hurry up and make the plans for all the flowers I have growing and wait (impatiently I might add) for those first blooms to arrive. In all of this busy, my family has several birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, flag football games, gymnastic exhibitions, and end of school activities. One thing I don't want to hurry through is taking time out to recognize the mothers in my life! Mother's Day is May 9th. What do you like to do for the mothers in your life? It seems like many times flowers are involved but I love to hear all the ways moms are celebrated.

What about a gift certificate for 4 or 8 weeks of flowers in July or August? Give Joy Gardens summer flower subscriptions are available for purchase in the shop. I have an option to send to you or the recipient a paper certificate. I think it would be lovely to gift a flower subscription along with a vase and flower clippers.

I really like these clippers to trim flower stems.

Gathering vases have a nice shape for the subscription bouquets. One thing I have learned is that a narrower neck on the vase keeps the stems together for a more abundant look. The vase that I use most often is one I likely got at a thrift store for a dollar. Bonus! It is a gathering vase about 8 inches tall and about 3.5 inches across. Similar to this one:

I have posted links purely for clarity. I don't benefit from the links to Amazon. :) If you have any questions about what a bouquet subscription is--check out the product information in one of the listings in my shop. It explains all the details. If you have any more questions--I get it!--I am ALWAYS asking questions. :) Just message me and I will find the answer for you!

Well, I can check this blog post off my checklist today. Phew. Don't forget the mommas in your life. You may be born with one mother but as I get older I realize MANY take a hand in raising, loving, and shaping each one of our lives.

Flowers will be blooming soon. Find beauty in the journey.

With love,


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